Thursday, 28 March 2013

Interesting projects!

Hello again, a quick update from the Transporter Project with a list of projects and websites which you may be interested in....

A great community project building a greenhouse from plastic bottles

Go back to basics and make your own book!

Uniting new and old technologies, Yvette Hawkins and Susannah Pickering - whose work incorporates books, poetry and traditional crafts - will start a poem thread on Twitter with clothing as the central theme.!blog/cs0g

An interesting article about sustainability

Northeast Permaculture - Since January 2005, permaculture activists throughout the Northeast have been meeting and actively creating a network for mutually supporting each other and advancing permaculture solutions among the wider public in our area

A link to a great project one of our Newcastle University Fine art students recently attended

Enjoy the Easter Weekend!
Transporter Project

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